I have been challenged to be accessible and in front of at-risk youth or be a positive influence on the younger generation.

Who are young people at-risk? Those who don’t have a leader figure or example in their life because they have lost their father and are being raised be their mother or grandmother.


I think that through educating young adults about common-sense nutrition, I can reach a very large percentage o

f the population that I would not normally have an audience with.; and position myself to be able to mentor them.

I believe that there is an epidemic of obesity and malnutrition. If I can get in front of the young audience through social media, I can tell my story how I lost 90 pounds and have begun to restore my health.

I am a sixty year old husband, farther of four children and eight grandchildren. I have a story to tell and I have recently been challenged to tell my story. Actually I have wanted to tell this story for several years but thought to myself that no one would want to hear it. So I would put the proposition of my thesis out there and see how people reacted to it and they reacted favorably. Over the years my children encouraged me to pursue my objective to reach out to at-risk youth.

It’s only been in the past several months that I have focused on making this happen, so I have been reaching out to organisations like yours to establish a relationship. I want to associate with a network of like-minded people – working towards the same goal.

I want to focus on mentoring the loner; that young person who is lost and getting beat down who doesn’t see light at the end of the tunnel. I believe that I can change their world and give them hope. Why? Because that was me fifty years ago. The only way to see if my story resonates with them is for them to hear it.

I am looking for that avenue to reach out to these disenfranchised children and I hope that you and I can compare notes and see if there is a way to possibly work together.