Frank Ferreira is a member of a the speaker bureau SOFAUSA.ORG – a nationwide non-profit organization with the mission to end financial illiteracy across America – one community at a time.

His office works with companies and individuals to put together a strategy to build retirement programs that are not exposed to stock market risk and are highly tax favored. This strategy can result in a 300% net increase in spendable income during retirement – when it’s needed most.

frank-portraitFrank is licensed with the California Department of Insurance and a former member of the National Association of Security Dealers and Securities and Exchange Commission.

He is on the board of the Academy of Finance for Independence High School in San Jose, CA and a former instructor for the business department at Evergreen Valley College.

Frank’s lifelong desire and passion is to teach finance and economics to companies, organizations and schools (he adheres to the Austrian school of economics). He believes the public is empowered to make right choices in building a wealthy financial future with the right tools and knowledge.

His mission statement is:
Educate, Prepare and Protect