I was reminded about the genesis of my blog and it was about society’s moral compass. I thought that I could dovetail the theme or thesis with mentoring young people – we’ll see how this unfolds.

While talking to a friend of mine, we were arguing about the different protests taking place today and I stated how up is down and right is wrong, etc.

Our country has been turned upside down and we have lost our way morally.

This is nothing new: Early in history evil raised its head when Cain killed Abel and of course this goes back to their parents.

I remember when we could play outside all day long and we could hear our parents calling for us to come inside for dinner. Or we knew that it was time to go inside when the street lights went on.

Today there are statistics for how long children play outside and if I recall correctly, it’s about an hour a day. And might point out that the children are heavily guarded too.

What makes up a good moral compass?

I think a good answer is what makes a bad moral compass: Evil in the world.

We’ve let evil overtake our society. We used to be a virtuous society. In the two world wars, we fought against evil.

Today evil is dividing our country and we are couching evil in political-correctness, the right to choose, protecting children from corporal punishment or equal rights. And we hide behind a false narrative like “Common-sense gun laws” or “Russian collusion”.

As a result, whenever anyone breaks the law, they’re not held accountable for their actions or punished. And the results of that the offenders become more emboldened in the lawlessness and becomes s snowball effect.

The only thing protecting us from tyranny is the United States Constitution.

We used to live in relative harmony. On occasion, we would hear about someone being kidnaped, but that was rare. Someone might answer that we didn’t have the same media exposure back then as we do today or that records weren’t reported accurately back then.

I’m pretty sure that it would be hard to argue that we didn’t have the same level media exposure then that we do today, based on current technology.