Introduction – At Risk Youth

Introduction – At Risk Youth

Why am I telling my story? What is so significant about it and why would anyone be interested in hearing about it?

There are a lot of young men who may be considered at-risk youth. I see this on the news and all around social media; young men committing unconscionable crimes against society. In addition, most of them have one thing in common: They do not have a male figure providing valuable lessons and examples of how to live a responsible life.

There is a breakdown in our moral fabric – we have lost our moral compass and it started about fifty years ago when professionals promoted a more passive form of discipline, while condemning corporal punishment. They promoted this because they were abused as children and were not properly disciplined. I see this attitude all the time.

As a result, they buck a millennial old system.

A lesser-known fact states that if you discipline your child, each according to their unique personality, that the child will intrinsically love you for it and as a result, learn to respect you and other people.

We are afraid to punish our children for their outright willful disobedience. We are afraid to use corporal punishment because it’s been abused and turned into physical abuse, frowned upon by society and that is the risk parents take if the punishment is not dispensed in love with verbal communication and instruction. Discipline needs to educational or a teachable moment but with strong consequences.

A child needs to learn the importance of being coached and following instructions. If they aren’t taught how to be a team-player for example, how can they work in the business world and be productive as adults? This may sound like an awkward question, but I will explain it further.

We have multiple generations who have an attitude of:  I want it and I want it now! Call it “Instant gratification” or “Entitlement”. We can thank technology and initial public offering of stock. That is where someone thinks of a great idea, sells the idea to a venture capital investor, develops the idea enough to take it to market, the their private stock gets offered to the public and when that happens, they become millionaires almost overnight. (This is the simple explanation)


My story…

If I can grow up, get married, successfully raise four children and  lead a productive and responsible life, then almost anyone can. What I am attempting to say is; anyone can be successful and productive if they decide to be and like in my case – with a lot of help from God.

…Coming soon.