Tax Free Retirement

Is retirement out of the question for you? Will you have enough money set aside to retire comfortably?

In 1945 U.S Federal debt was 260 billion dollars. Most of the debt was because of WWII. The progressive income tax rate was 94% – the highest in modern times. Today our Federal debt is 15.6 trillion dollars, which is 59 times more than in 1945 and our income tax rate is 35%. What do you think the tax rate is going to be when you retire? Retirees who just retired will have the lowest tax rate during their retirement, until the tax rate goes up.

Millions of Americans are hurting and many may have to work for the rest of their lives just to make ends meet. ¬†But it doesn’t have to be that way. ¬†Index Universal Life is the answer to a Worry Free Tax Free Retirement!

Have you ever stopped to consider how much taxes you’re going to be paying when you retire?

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