The Turning Point cont.

So the turning point came in life when I met this young lady. She was very shy and came to my high school because her and her mom just moved into the area. All of my friends warned her to stay away from me because I was “trouble” (quotes are not necessary). But she didn’t listen. We had two classes together and I knew the teacher of one of the classes well enough to let him know that I really liked this girl, so he set us up to take a night class together in Marketing. We had to take a school bus down town and that gave us time to get to know each other.

Forty years later we located our teacher to let him know that he was instrumental in putting us together. It was fun to reunite with him.

I learned that she was a Christian and that didn’t faze me at all. I still thought that she was cute. But what I didn’t know at the time was that she ask her friends at church to pray for my salvation. I didn’t see it coming.

Since I was an outgoing individual, I volunteered to be a counselor at sixth grade science camp in the Santa Cruz Mountains. I am not sure but I think that she may have followed in my footsteps and volunteered too. In any case we went together as camp counselors. Camp was in the middle of October, which is a nice time to be in the Santa Cruz Mountains.

While at the camp, I had a religious experience. The only way to explain it is it was like God put a mirror in front of me and I saw the reflection of myself and it wasn’t pretty. I saw an individual in need of a savior. That was a wakeup call, I was shocked and it greatly disturbed me. Then I recalled that this girl was a Christian, so I went looking for her and I asked her to tell me about God or Jesus. I didn’t know what to ask, but I knew I needed God.

She agreed to meet me that night in the counselors’ lounge to try and explain the Bible. Afterwards none of it made any sense to me and I still didn’t get it. So we finish the week, go home, I attended a football game that night and work on the weekend. And nothing changed because I was still wrestling in my soul I still had questions.

It’s now Monday and I tell her that I still have several questions about my experience and I want answers. I am focused and on a mission.

Let me digress a little. In years past, my friends tried to tell me about God and the Bible, but I just shrugged it off and told them that when I got my stuff together that I would consider religion – not now though.

So she tells me to come to her house and she would explain more.

I arrive at her doorstep, she lets me in, we sit down on her couch and I ask her if this religion requires me to pray to Mary, or go to confession etc. and she tells me no. Because that didn’t work for me. Don’t get me wrong – my family went to church religiously twice a year – Christmas and Easter!

After some time, that night, learning about the Bible, which was extremely foreign to me, she asked me if I wanted to pray the prayer of salvation – and I jumped at the opportunity. I thought to myself lets jump in head first. Why not? So I did and I wouldn’t be where I am today if I didn’t have God in my life.